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Top 4 Things Woman Want from Their Mates

A recent study shows the “Top 4 Things Woman Want from Their Mates.”  They are:

1)      TIME – Studies show that the happiest couples spend ½ hour together each day where they can talk uninterrupted (without things like cellphones, television and children to distract them).

2)    WORDS OF APPRECIATION – Woman enjoy hearing appreciative words and phrases from their mates.  They enjoy hearing things like, “I’m so glad I married you,” “You’re doing such a great job with the kids,”  “I appreciate the thought you put into this card.”

3)   FUN – Woman want to have fun with their mates.  Ideally have regular “date nights” where you spend at least 2 hours of uninterrupted time together.  Don’t talk about your children, money or work during this special time together.

4)   ACTS OF KINDNESS – A woman wants a mate that is kind to them.  Kindness includes words and deeds like hugs, kisses and touches.

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