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#1 Rule for Making Your Relationship Rock Solid

All relationships take work and it can seem overwhelming at times.  One tip can help keep your relationship rock solid:

Always put your relationship 1st

Sounds simple right?  Even though it seems like common sense it can be challenging but when you put your relationship first, many other issues solve themselves.  Some major problems are simply symptoms of other issues and will disappear once the underlying issues are dealt with (in this case, shifting attention back to the relationship).  

Insecurity, guilt, and jealousy are symptoms of a relationship that is not being treated as priority #1 by one or both partners.  When you spend more time and energy on other aspects of your life, it takes a toll on both your relationship and your significant other.  If you’re spending all your time at work and your significant other feels neglected they may become jealous and controlling.  Simply shifting your focus back to the relationship may dissolve the feelings of jealousy and put things back into balance. 

Often passion, intimacy and sex problems stem from the same issue – not putting your relationship first.  Women have trouble connecting and wanting to be intimate when they feel insecure, jealous, neglected, or insignificant.   These emotions are closely tied to trust and trust is an important component of intimacy.  Prioritizing your relationship and putting your significant others needs first will create trust, dissolve negative feelings and release the emotional blocks surrounding passion and intimacy.

So, now you know that your relationship should be #1 in your life but how do you make it #1?  Here are 3 simple ways to put your relationship first:

1)      Respect Her

Don’t break promises, cancel dates, or show up late.  Respecting her and the promises you make to her will make her feel like she is number 1.  You’ll gain her trust and she’ll respect you more, too!

2)     Be Thoughtful

Show your significant other that you are thinking about her when you are away from her and that you want to make her life better.  Be romantic, bring her flowers, call her often when you are away and leave special notes hidden around the house.  Other ideas include making her a special dinner out of the blue (all of her favorite dishes), doing her chores when she has a busy week at work, running errands that she doesn’t have time to do, and offering emotional support when you notice she needs it.

3)     Give Attention and Presence  

Often simply giving your full attention and emotional presence to her will make you both feel more connected to each other.  When your significant other needs you attention, emotional support, and mental presence, give it to her.  Forget about everything else that is going on in your life and focus on her.  Empathize with her, reflect back her emotions and give her a safe place to express herself.

Are you ready to make your relationship rock solid?  Work on and develop these 3 easy approaches into daily practices in your relationship until they become a habit.  You’ll notice that some problems will seemingly disappear overnight while others will be easy to work out.  Your relationship will flourish and you both will feel greater connection and fulfillment.

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