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4 Steps to Creating Your Ultimate, Fulfilling Relationship!

Regardless if you are in a relationship or not, it’s important to know what you want in a woman.  Do you want a woman who is intelligent, shy, adventurous, or courageous?  Do you want a woman who loves children, is a neat freak, or a huge nerd?  What values are important to you – honesty, integrity, warmth, loyalty, sensuality, or success?  Figuring out what is your heart’s desire, what you need to feel fulfilled, allows you create the relationship of your dreams.

When I coach my clients, in the first session together we create an “Ultimate Relationship Vision.”  Together, my client and I identify the qualities they want in their ideal relationship.  We create a detailed outline of the values they want to live by, the adventures they want to have, and the physical and emotional attributes of their ideal mate.  We do this exercise if they are single or if they are coupled (if you both know what you want, you can grow together to create it!).  Once we have the vision, we create a plan of action, steps they can take toward creating their ultimate, fulfilling relationship.

One of the first steps towards creating their ultimate relationship is figuring out who they have to be to get what they want.  We are all growing and changing all of the time, so this is a matter of directing that growth and change towards reaching relationship goals.  I always tell them, “If you want more, be more!”  If you want a sexy, intelligent woman, be the kind of person who would attract her.  Think of it as a mix of Law of Attraction and common sense.  To make it easy, I’ve outlined the 4 simply steps you can take to create your ultimate, fulfilling relationship using the “Ultimate Relationship Vision.”

Step 1

          Find a quiet place where you can do this exercise without interruption.  To create a plan that will take you toward your ideal relationship, you need to first write down what values, attributes, and activities are part of your current relationship.  Write down a detailed description of your relationship.  Include how you treat each other, the values you live by, what you like about your relationship, and what makes you upset.

Step 2 

Close your eyes and imagine what your ideal relationship would be like.  What type of person would you be with?  What are their values?  What do you like to do together?  How do you treat each other?  Once you have a clear picture in your mind, write down everything, be as detailed as possible.  Record your mates physical, mental and emotional attributes, as well as relationship details like activities you do together.

Step 3

          Now that you have an idea of what your ideal relationship would be, who do you have to be to have this relationship?  What do your values need to be?  How do you need to treat your mate?  What activities do you need to participate in?  How do you need to act?  Write down exactly the person you need to be to have this “ultimate relationship.”

Step 4

          Create a plan.  Start by writing a “want ad” for your ideal mate.  This will fix the vision in your mind.  Once you have the “want ad,” read it at least once a day (don’t worry if this is different from the person you are with, you may be surprised by them.  Once you start growing, they may too!).  Next, commit to taking steps towards becoming the person you have to be to have your ideal relationship.  If the person you have to be is physically fit then start working out at the gym.  If the person you have to be is honest and loyal, start practicing by being honest and loyal!

The “Ultimate Relationship Vision” is a powerful exercise that has the potential to create magic in your life.  If you follow through and do all 4 steps, you will have a powerful vision and plan for your ideal relationship.  With this plan, you can start creating it by doing a little more each day to get you closer to your goal – an ultimate, fulfilling relationship!

Want help creating your “Ultimate Relationship Vision?”  Check out my coaching page!

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    Hello, I am 21 years old and have been with my partner for about two years now. We have been through hell and back together relationship wise but both are wanting to stick it out. We know the potential of what we could be. I just found your website and already feel I will benefit from your advice. I will keep you posted on our progress.


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