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You’ve lost that loving feelin’?

Feeling like you or your significant other has “lost that loving feeling?”  Wondering how to get it back? 

In every relationship there are cycles like the changing of the seasons.  In summer you get to enjoy fun in the sun.  Life is great and your relationship is hot!  In the fall you reap the rewards of the bonding you did in the summer.  You feel close, connected and deeply in love.  You’re prepared to weather the winter where times can be tough and your bond will be tested.  You may feel like winter will last forever but spring will come.  In spring you will grow closer, plant the seeds of intimacy and connection again.  Spring is a time of rebirth in your relationship.  Soon it will be summer again too with all the fun and hot passionate love making! 

It’s important to be able to spot these “seasonal” changes in your relationship and not freak out.  Every season has a purpose and a place in the timeline of your life together.   Below I’ve showed you how to spot each season and what to do while your relationship is in it.

Summer – This is the honeymoon period (which will resurface in your relationship from time to time if you continue to grow with each other) and a fun time in your relationship.  You’ll feel “in love” and ignore your significant others faults. 

What to do:  Have fun!  Enjoy your significant other.  Have lot’s of hot, passionate sex.  Spend plenty of time together and groove on all the good vibes, just don’t lose perspective because…

Fall – After the honeymoon.  You’re feeling more grounded and moving into the deep love season.  You feel deeply connected.  You start to notice so-called faults and may have more disagreements. 

What to do:  Keep connecting with and learning about each other.  But take time for yourself.  Give each other space as you ease into this part of your relationship. 

Winter – Times can be tough in the winter.  This is when major problems can surface and you feel less connected to each other.  You may even begin to think that your relationship is over.

What to do:  Don’t despair, work on your relationship!  This is the time to dig in and work on solving your problems.  Communication is key.  If you do the work in winter you will have a beautiful…

Spring – The rebirth of your relationship and the rekindling of deep love.  After winter, spring is the sweet reward.

What to do:  Recognize that this is a time to reconnect with each other.  Start spending more quality time with each other.  Nurture your feelings of love and intimacy.  Go on vacation together and get to know each other again.

In a long term relationship you can expect to go through the seasons over and over again.  Each season may last weeks, months or even years.  It is important to know where you are, where you are heading and how to handle each change.  So the next time you feel like your significant other has “lost that loving feelin’,” you may just be going through a winter season and need to act accordingly.  The sweet reward of spring may be just around the corner! 

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