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10 Ways to show her how much you love her!

10)  Bring her chocolate, not just any chocolate – her favorite chocolate 🙂2 Cute Lesbians Posing for the Camara

9)  Bring her soup when she’s sick, sit with her, rub her back, and watch old movies with her.

8 )  Hide a love note for her to find (try leaving it in her dresser drawer or in a book she’s reading)

7)  After a stressful day, sit down with her and listen to her.  BE her shoulder to lean on.

6)  Bring her flowers or power tools – depending on how she rolls!

5)  Give her space, space to connect with herself and space to connect with her friends.

4)  Hold her hand.

3)  Look deep into her eyes and tell her every single thing that you love about her.

2)  Introduce her to your family and friends.

1)  Get down on your knee and ask her to marry you!

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