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Passion Problems? Get out of the “Friend-Zone!”

We all know the feeling when we fall in love.  Life is wonderful and the sex is hot!  But what happens when the “honeymoon period” is over?  Why does the passion dry up and what can we do about it?

Why does the passion go away?

You’re probably in the “friend-zone.”  You and your significant other have formed deep connections but you’ve allowed your actions and feelings to become too comfortable and friendly. 

What can you do?

While it’s good to be friends with each other, this cannot be the majority of interaction in your relationship.  Try these 3 strategies to get out of “friend-zone” and back into the “lover-zone.”

Create Space

  • Do things apart.  Get some physical and emotional distance so that you can rebuild the sexual tension.  Take classes to get out of the house, spend time with friends (without your significant other) or try a solo getaway for the weekend.

Mix Things Up

  • Plan activities that only lovers do together.  Romance each other, plan a romantic getaway or have a “sex” date where you decide in advance to have sex that night.

Take Touching to a New Level

  • Spend time daily touching each other in intimate ways.  For example, put your hand on her leg (significantly above the knee), stroke her hair or face.  Enjoy the sensual contact without trying to initiate sex or the pressure to go further.  Instead try to re-kindle the sexual energy in your relationship.

Being in the “friend-zone” can be extremely frustrating and confusing.  You may even be blaming yourself or your significant other for not feeling passionate anymore.  Once you realize that your relationship has moved into the “friend-zone,” relax and start taking steps to re-ignite the passion.  Be consistent and have fun putting these steps into action.  You’ll be back in the “lover-zone” before you know it!

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