This magic moment…creating a spectacular life together!

Last Saturday night my wife and I had an amazing “magical moment.”  We went on an impromptu camping trip with a few friends to a hidden camping area.  Our campsite sat on a cliff overlooking a large lake.  We were in the middle of the woods, all alone.  It was beautiful.  We climbed down the cliff and swam in the lake in the hot summer sun.  We grilled burgers on the campfire and lounged in the sunshine listening to music.  The entire day was perfect but the real icing on the cake was what happened as the sun set that night.  Our friend Josh put on some salsa music for my wife and I.  And we salsa danced on the cliff as the sun set behind us.  For those brief few minutes I felt like life was perfect.  In that moment, I fell head-over-heels in love with my wife all over again.

Our lives are full of “magic moments,” when everything just “clicks” and life is perfect.  When you share magic moments with your significant other you connect with them in a deep soul touching way that can sometimes leave you reeling with emotion.  Magic moments wipe the slate clean, erasing anger and resentments as you reconnect with each other and with the reason you’re together.  In that moment, you fall in love with each other all over again. 

Magic moments happen so often without warning.  It happens with a touch or when you catch her eye and time slows down for a second.  Too often we’re so busy that we rarely tune in and experience magic moments on a regular basis.  But you don’t have to wait for magic moments to come to you.  Instead, you can create your own!

While my wife and I were on our camping adventure we were both frazzled.  We had a stressful week that left both of us feeling physically and emotionally drained.  We had no intention of camping that weekend, in fact we didn’t even know that camping spot existed.  Our friends talked us into going with them.  By the end of the day my wife and I had hiked all our camping gear to the site along with 2 ill-behaved dogs, and a hyper 4 year old.  We set up camp, went swimming, and I cooked dinner.  By the time the sun was starting to set, we were both exhausted.  But you know what?  As we sat on that cliff overlooking the lake watching the sunset, I knew we could create a really special magic moment together.  I requested some salsa music (our favorite) and offered my hand to my wife for a dance.

Recipe for Creating Magic Moments

You can create and enjoy more magic moments in your life with my “recipe.” 

1)      Allow for spontaneity in life.  If you try to control every moment, you miss the chance to have something magical happen.  If my wife and I didn’t allow for spontaneity, we would never have gone camping and would have never had our moment on the cliff at sunset.

2)     Be game and get out of your comfort zone.  If your significant other wants to try something new or if they surprise you with a night out, go with the flow.  So often magic moments happen when we do something out of the ordinary.

3)     Follow your inspiration.  If you think something would be fun or feel a tingling in your gut to grab your girl and kiss her, DO IT!  You’ll be surprised how many more magical moments you have once you start to follow your inspiration.

Magic moments make life worth living.  It makes us realize that there is more to experience and enjoy in our world then we often notice.  So often we take our significant other for granted and the time we spend with each other.  We become bored with our relationships.  Start using my “recipe” for creating more magic moments to get the variety and connection that makes life spectacular!

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