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What to do if your mate pulls away from you!

Have you ever experience this?  The woman you are with tries to impress you at the beginning of your relationship. She is attentive, open, and available to you. But, just as you are opening up and becoming more intimate, she pulls away seemingly disinterested? A million thoughts zip through you mind, “Is she just playing me?” “Does she have intimacy issues?” “Did I do something wrong?” You worry and you fret thinking the relationship must be over, otherwise, why would she behave this way?

Why does she pull away?

Many women have an “intimacy cycle.” They can only handle so much intimacy before pulling away. It overloads their emotional circuit boards. They start to lose themselves in the relationship and instinctually pull back so they can reconnect with themselves. The pulling back allows them to take care of themselves and re-establish personal boundaries that may become blurred during intense intimacy. This cycling between two extremes, intimacy and space is completely normal and healthy for them and ultimately for their relationships, if their significant others learn how to support them.
If you respond with fear when your significant other pulls back and try to chase her, she will pull further and further away from you. When she pulls away, not only is she trying to take care of herself, but also re-ignite the sexual tension and desire. The space and distance (emotional and /or physical) actually makes the heart grow fonder. By moving away from you, she reconnects with the part of herself that can’t live without you. Once she reconnects with that, she’ll spring back to you bringing her passion and attentiveness with her. If you chase her, she won’t be able to reconnect with her passion and desire. Eventually she will forget how to reconnect with her passion and desire for you and assume that the relationship is over.

How do you give her space?

You need to trust your significant other. It can be difficult the first few times as old fears resurface for you, but trust that this will strengthen your relationship. Give her the space she needs and she will come back to you ready to pick up right where she left off. She will be ready to go deeper and become more intimate. Accept her and her need for space. She just needs a chance to process her feelings, reconnect with herself and her feelings for you.

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