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44% of Women Would Rather…

In the wake of the “50 Shades of Grey” phenomenon (if you haven’t heard, it’s a mainstream erotic fiction) several reports have come out regarding the sexual habits of women.  One recent online survey found that 44% of women would rather read about a sexual encounter then actually experience it.  In fact, the New York Post is proclaiming that “Gals prefer reading it to doing it.”


Why would women rather read about sex then actually have it?  The survey claims that women surveyed said a lack of energy and imagination made their sex lives dull in comparison.

What’s the solution?

If you’re part of the 44% that would rather read about it then do it, what can you do to get your sex life back on track?  First, acknowledge that YOU can have an exciting and imaginative sex life if you want it.  Second, decide that your sex life is worth a little effort.  Third, take action!

Get over any shyness and decide to have fun instead.  Set the mood if necessary with dim lights, candles, and wine.  Pick out the hottest scenes from your favorite novels and read them together.  Ask her what her favorite parts of the book are and read them with her.  Pick a scene and act it out or surprise her by acting her favorite scene out when she least expects it!

What about the lack of energy & imagination?

The amazing thing about both energy and imagination is that the more you use either of them, the more you have to use.  The more you use your imagination, the easier it will be for you to imagine your own passionate scenes in the future.  The more energy you use, the more energy you will have in the future (your body learns to produce more).  You simply need to take one small step to start having the adventurous, fulfilling sex life that most people only read about!

 More About this Stat:
An online survey found 44 percent of women 25 to 50 preferred reading erotic tales to having sex.  They said a lack of energy — and imagination — made their own sex lives dull compared with what they read in books like “Fifty Shades of Grey,” according to the DottyBingo.com survey.  Ninety-one percent said they had read at least one book about the sex lives of others.
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