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“Things I Love About You,” A Rock Opera & The BEST 33rd Birthday!

What would be your ideal birthday? What would you do that day?

Last week my wife asked me how I wanted to spend my birthday. I told her I wanted to spend the day with her. I wanted a massage and I wanted to have dinner together. They were all simple requests reflecting the fact that we were both exhausted after the wedding and in need of some quiet, relaxing time together. She arranged for a sleepover for our 5 year old and called to make an appointment for the massage. If that was all she did, I would have been happy but my amazing wife doesn’t stop there.

My wife took me to Barnes & Noble bookstore and left me in the new arrivals section telling me that she had to finish “assembling” my birthday present. I was intrigued and could have easily snuck behind her to peak at my present but I’ve been with Liz for 13 years and I knew that if I did, I would ruin the fun for her. An hour later she found me reading “Curve” in the magazine section. I was relaxed and enjoying the day off. She proudly announced that she was done.

In the truck she gave me my present, prefacing it with, “I’ve been working on this for awhile but I needed a travel magazine to finish it.” I looked at the book she handed me – “Things I Love About You.” As I flipped through the pages I was overwhelmed by the present. Each page had prompts, like “Remember when…”, “I knew I loved you when…”, “My favorite trip together was…” and each blank space was filled with memories, thoughts, and loving words from my beautiful wife. With tears in my eyes I told her this was the best present anyone had ever given me.

The rest of the day – the massage, a comedy show (where they performed an improv rock opera about my day!) and an impromptu dinner party with friends – was just icing on the cake. The magic moments I spent with my wife that day – reading my special book, laughing at the comedy show, and the private time we spent together that night – made me feel profoundly connected to her and to our life together. The day was evidence of the continued commitment that we make to each other. We commit to love deeply, express our love daily, and always look for ways to “wow” each other. Life can easily be boring or sad or frustrating but we would rather choose to make it magical and full of love and live that life every day instead.

We can choose how we celebrate our days together and we can choose to live in love every day. We can choose to “wow” each other or we can choose to let our love fall to the wayside. Some days that choice is easy, other days it can be a challenge. But it’s always a choice. What will you choose today?

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