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Hurricane Sandy Hits NY, We Hunker Down…

Last night Hurrican Sandy made landfall here in New York.  My wife & I live in Ithaca which is in the middle of New York State.  We knew we wouldn’t get nearly as much damage and destruction as the coastal areas but we were right in the middle of the hurricanes path as it moved inland. 

We live in the country and our house is surrounded by trees, I was more than a little worried about our house, vehicles, and safety.  To further complicate things our power grid is delicate, as my wife puts it, “the power usually goes out when somone sneezes.”  We were prepared for the worse – bathtub full of water, flats of bottled water, beds set up in the basement, chocolate, and my wife (who is AMAZING!!!) hung up these super cute, very awesome, totally useful laterns all over the house.  I was scaried of the impending storm but totally excited about the prospect of the laterns!

All through the evening we watched facebook and updates on Weather.com (we don’t have cable, so the internet keeps us informed).  We opened the front door to determine if the storm was gaining strength, and I kept my trusty tiny flashlight at my side.  Mostly we were bored.  We started a puzzle, but it was a really hard one so we decided to drink some wine and watch a movie.  The dogs occassionally barked at the wind rustlin’ outside but other than that…nothing.

The power stayed on and we eventually fell asleep.  I’m a little bummed that we didn’t get to use our laterns but  I can’t say that I’m sad that the storm didn’t destroy our house or wreck havoc across our neighborhood.  That would have been horrible, I know many other people were not so lucky.  The pictures of and reports from other parts of the country make it clear that many, many people are struggling today and will be for a long time.  If you were also lucky, let’s be thankful for our own safety and do what we can for others in the storms path.  Donate money, blood, time, etc. if you can and keep them in your thoughts.

Click Here to Donate to the Red Cross –> http://www.redcross.org/

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