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The “Sex Mantra” or How I Kept the Election from Ruining My Sex Life

I’ll bet we’ve all been there, we want sex, and our significant other is putting the moves on us but we just can’t make our mind shut off.  For me, it’s been the election lately.  I’m usually a calm, friendly, sensitive person who loves people and creates safe spaces for them to be themselves.  When it comes to politics, specifically gay rights, I become a red, anger monster and my mind just won’t shut up!

What happens when you want to have sex and your mind won’t shut up?  It could be the election or work or your to-do list, whatever it is, it just keeps spinning round and round in your mind.  And, without fail, it is not something sexy.  It’s not like your fixating on your significant others “hot buns.”  Nope, it’s always something that grabs your attention and ruins the mood.

Worry no more, literally, I discovered the cure to the mind chatter – the “Sex Mantra!”  It works in much the same way as a regular mantra that you may use while meditating.  You pick a word, like “Om” and repeat it over and over again in your mind while you relax into a meditative state.  Picking “Om” and relaxing into a meditative state may not be the best idea for a hot night of sex, so we need to create a sexy mantra to keep you present and fixated on the job at hand.

Next time you find yourself with mind chatter during sexy time, try a mantra like, “sex.”  Just say it over and over again in your mind.  Once you’re mentally and emotionally present and engaged in the act, the mantra will simply drop away.  However, if you find yourself going back to the mind chatter, just pick the mantra back up.

The “Sex Mantra” is a simple and effective way to silence mind chatter and allow you to be mentally present for your significant other and to settle your mind so you can fully enjoy yourself.  Try experimenting with different mantras to find what works best for you.


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