Lesbian Dating Online

5 Things You Need to Know Now to Date Online!

Ready to start using online dating services?  You’re not alone.  More and more singles are turning to online dating services.  Now there are several that cater specifically to lesbian singles so it’s easier than ever to find love online.  While it’s easier to find love, you also need to be smart.  Here are 5 things you need to know now!

1)      Trust Your Gut

If you don’t feel “right” about someone or if they say things that seem “off,” listen to your intuition.  If your gut says something is not right then exercise some extra caution.  The woman you’re connecting with may not be what she seems.

2)    Protect Personal Information

The wrong person could do a lot of damage with your personal information.  It’s important to protect it by taking the right precautions – use a free email account (yahoo, Hotmail, gmail), don’t give out your full name, or personal phone number.

3)    Use a Paid Online Service

Free services are attractive to predators – they don’t have to provide a credit card or any personal information.

4)    Ask for a Recent Photo

Looks aren’t everything but honesty counts for a lot!  If she’s reluctant to provide one or gives you one that is clearly outdated, be wary.

5)     Meet in a Public Place

If all goes well and you’re ready to meet in person, great!  But make sure your first meeting is in a public place.  You’ll get a chance to feel her out in person, see if she’s been truthful, and decide if you’re ready to start dating.

Use these 5 suggestions to keep your online dating experience fun and safe.  Happy dating!

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