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Everyday Romance – 3 Tips for Deeper Connection!

Romance is one of the cornerstones to a really great relationship that grows and deepens with every passing year.  It is a way to connect with your significant other and make her feel special, unique, cherished, and loved.  Not only does it make her feel great, it’ll make you feel great too!  Unfortunately many couples neglect romance save for special occasions like Valentine’s Day and miss the opportunity to add more magic to their everyday lives.   Here are 3 tips for everyday romance that will keep your love strong for years to come.

1)      Connect Throughout the Day

  • Send a romantic text message to her at least once a day.  The text message can be something simple like, “I Love You,” “Thinking of You,” “Can’t Wait to Have Dinner with You Tonight,” “You’re Beautiful,” etc.

2)     Bring Her Home Something Special

  • Everyone likes unexpected gifts however small!  Once a week bring her home something special like flowers, chocolate bar, romantic greeting card with a personal message, earrings, or some other gift you know she would enjoy (and is romantic – no cleaning supplies, house accessories, work related items!)

3)     Take Her Out to Dinner

  • Take her out to dinner – alone.  Don’t invite friends, family, pets, or children.  Take her out on a real date!  At least once a month take her out for a special date night complete with dessert and a movie.  Pick a nice restaurant (no fast food joints or diners) and observe the following rule during dinner:  don’t talk about kids, work, or money.

Romance doesn’t have to be hard or time intensive.  What is important is that you both connect with each other on a regular basis and you have fun!  Don’t get caught up in making it perfect, instead be yourself and be bold.  The biggest complaint most couples have about their relationships is that they are stuck in a rut.  Avoid the rut by keeping your relationship fresh and new with these 3 romance tips.

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