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Where are all the single lesbians? The key to finding a gay girl to date!

Ever feel frustrated because you can’t seem to find eligible, single women that you want to date?  At times the lesbian dating market can be hard to navigate (or even find!).  Here are a few simple lesbian dating tips to find eligible gay girls to date:

1)     Get Clear on What You WantGay Woman Creating List

How will you ever find Ms. Right if you don’t know what you’re actually looking for in a girlfriend?  Think about this – your friends would look at you like a crazy person if you spend all day frantically searching your house for “something!”  Whatever you want to find – car keys, magazine, or a new girlfriend – you need to be specific about what you are looking for or you will never find it.

Take 10 minutes and write down everything you want in a girlfriend.  Detail what she looks like, how she acts, what her values are, and what she likes to do.  Be as specific and detailed as possible.  To watch a video about this, click here!

2)   Look at Your List

Ask yourself, “Where would a woman like this spend time?”  For example, if your list details a woman that is an introverted, community minded person who likes to read, try finding her at the local library or bookstore instead of looking for her at a packed college bar.  You need to go to places and participate in activities where the woman on your list would likely be spending her time.

3)   Advertise

Now that you have a clear picture of the type of woman you want to attract, tell your friends, family, and social network.  Ask them to set you up with women that fit your description.

Also, set up an online profile at one (or all!) of the many lesbian dating websites.  Click here to for more articles on setting up a great profile.  Make sure that you include what you’re looking for in your profile.  Women who fit your description are much more likely to contact you if they see that they are what you are looking for in a girlfriend.

The real secret to finding eligible women to date is to be proactive.  Figure out exactly the type of woman you want to attract and then do things (like let other people set you up on dates) that will put you in contact with more gay women that fit your description.  Keep repeating these activities until you find Ms. Right!

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    What’s on your list? Do you want a woman that can cook or who likes to hike? How would you spend evenings together? Where would you travel to and what would you like to see together?

    Have fun creating your list and looking for the woman of your dreams!


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