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How to Get Noticed on a Dating Website

Using online dating websites is the fastest growing way to meet and connect with single lesbians.  But simply putting up a profile and waiting for your inbox to overflow with “winks,” “pokes,” and friend requests is not going to get you anywhere.  Because online dating websites have become so popular in the lesbian community, you need to do more to get noticed.   You need to know how to market yourself to get noticed!

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1)     Put Your Best Foot Forward

Pick a great picture of yourself.  It should be a well-lit, in focus head shot.  Make sure it’s up to date, without a distracting background (learn more about picking a great picture).

2)   Be Positive

No, “I’ve been really hurt in the past…”  No, “Don’t even bother contacting me if…”  No, “I know a lot of you may not want someone who…”

Instead, be upbeat and positive.  Talk about what you DO want, talk about the things you LIKE to do, and take about the future (what you want out of life).

3)   Keep it Simple

Your profile should be easy to read and understand.  One trick to doing this is to read everything you write out loud to make sure it sounds natural.  Ask a friend to also read it and give you feedback.

4)   Be Specific

Make sure you ask for exactly what you want in your profile.  For example, if you want someone who is a NY Yankees fan, put that in your profile.  Write something creative like, “I love the NY Yankees and I’m looking for a wonderful woman that loves them too!  I watch every game.  Are you that special someone who’ll watch them with me (I’ll even make you a vegan nacho dish that will knock your socks off!)?”

5)    Fill It All Out

There is nothing (and I mean nothing!) more annoying than clicking on the profile of a woman you’re interested in only to find out that she never bothered to fill it all out.

These five simple steps will make your profile (and you!) much more attractive to other members on the site.  What are you waiting for?  Give your profile a facelift today and start getting noticed!

Photo provided by © Magicinfoto | Dreamstime Photos
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