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Low Sex Drive Ruining Your Relationship?

If you’re not having as much sex as you want because you have a low sex drive or you don’t feel aroused as often as you would like, there is a simple solution.  Today we know that a whole helluva lot of factors can affect your sex drive including:  hormone imbalances, menopause, stress, overwhelm, and relationship problems.  All these issues (and many more) can negatively affect your sex drive.

So, what is a girl to do?  You can actually re-program and re-condition your body to want sex more often.  By actively making these changes you can negate some of the above causes of a low sex drive.  Great sex also psychologically wipes the slate clean in your relationship.  After a good orgasm, who cares if she forgot to take out the trash?!?  Regular sex and orgasms also helps to lower stress levels, balance hormones, and generally make people happier.

Ready to kick your low sex drive into high gear?  Use this simple approach to condition your body to respond better by:

1)     Find something that works for youBeautiful Happy Femme Lesbian

Use something that already triggers a sexual response for you (or experiment to find something) or has worked well for you in the past.  Do you have a favorite vibrator, adult movie, or steamy romance novel?

2)   Commit to the process

Masturbate at least once a week using the item(s) that work best for you.  Recent research shows that masturbation is a healthy part of lesbian sexuality.  If you feel uncomfortable masturbating check out these articles (Health Benefits of Female Masturbation , 4 Myths about Masturbation in Women)

Viola!  The process is that simple!  Over time your body will become more sensitive and easily aroused.  You’ll find yourself wanting sex more often because you’ve been exercising your “sex button” and discovering how to control it.  You’ll understand your body better and how arousal works for you – all of which are important to a healthy sex life and a more fulfilling relationship with your lesbian partner!

Check out the article, “More orgasms? Yes, please!” for more information.

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