What’s Your Date ‘Atude?

Have you ever…

Been cheated on?


Dated a “crazy” woman?

Or, had a bad dating experience?

You’re not alone; everyone has had some sort of bad dating experience.  It happens and it can leave a bad taste in your mouth.  It can make you feel like, “all women cheat” or “this will end badly,” or “it’s not worth trying because she’ll break my heart.”

Bad dating experiences can quickly turn into a negative world view – and it shows!  False assumptions about how every woman will treat you (based on a few negative experiences) will hold you back from meeting Ms. Right.angry-woman

1)      Your Negativity Shows

When you have a negative attitude about dating, it shows.  Your attitude, facial expressions, and body language will push potential mates away.

2)     You’ll Stay in Your Comfort Zone

If you think every woman will eventually hurt you, you won’t go out a limb to talk to the new girl or commit to a long term relationship.  You’ll stop yourself just short of being happy!

Change your attitude about dating.  Start by recognizing the negative beliefs you have about dating.  Write them down on a piece of paper if necessary.  Now drop them!  Decide that you’re going to be more open and positive about dating.  Create some new beliefs or re-frame your old ones.

This is the hardest dating mistakes to overcome because a negative belief can become emotionally locked into your body.  A particularly bad experience will subconsciously force you to sabotage otherwise great experiences to keep you from experiencing the same pain again.  Simply re-framing a belief like this may not be enough to overcome it you may need personal one-on-one help.

If you have some deeply held beliefs or feel like you’ve been hurt too badly in the past and need help making the suggested changes, consider scheduling a coaching session.  I’ll help you move past previous experiences and move powerfully towards finding your soul mate.

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