lesbian passion secret exposed

Passion Secret Revealed + A nugget of wisdom from Dan Savage

Curious about how to keep you significant other happy and feeling good about your relationship?  Ever wonder what you could be doing to make your relationship more passionate?  I have an all new Lesbian Love Guru video for you today!  I give you the low down (shhhhh!) in this first video:

Be Gooooood to Each Other….

I’ve been shooting videos like crazy this week!  You never know where or when you’ll hear something that can totally change your life.  This week I’m sharing with you a nugget of wisdom from Dan Savage of “Savage Love” fame.  If you don’t know about Dan Savage, check him out!  He’s an advice columnist at thestranger.com and a podcaster.  I listen to his podcast every week and you should too!  Watch this video for a little Savage Wisdom:

What Successful Couples Do

 "5 Simple Things Successful Couples Do To Create Extraordinary Relationships that Last for Decades..."

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