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Is dating a butch lesbian just like dating a man?

Butch women and lovers of butch women get a version of this question a lot – “Why not just date a “real man?”  As a butch lesbian who is married to a femme woman, I get really frustrated by the attitude that I’m a man wannabe and/or that my wife is just confused.  So I’m setting the record straight (haha no pun intended!), Lesbian Love Guru-style!

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  2. Linda

    Darlin’, I couldn’t agree with you more. As a (pants-wearing) femme woman, I have dated femme women, but I am generally far more attracted to butch women. My attraction to butch women makes me feel that they are the sexiest creatures to walk the planet. You’ve got the strength and the swagger, with a woman’s heart and body. I fail to see what could be better.

    None of the women I have ever dated were interested in becoming men. If they decided to become men, I would have supported them in that, but I would not have dated them (any longer), because, HELLO, I’m gay. This is not role-playing here, these are real relationships.

    Thanks for saying your piece.

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  3. Giovanna Capone

    Thanks Christine, for saying the words I needed to hear. As a butch lesbian it’s certainly not easy, even in the SF bay area, to keep walking proud and “living loud” when you are invisible in society and even other lesbians don’t always appreciate you or understand you for who you are. Yet, butch lesbians, as you say, are awesome women with a unique identity in this world. We usually have a wide combination of personality traits that include strength, yet vulnerability, confidence and swagger, yet sensitivity. These are precious qualities. So, thanks for your positivity and for your role model of a strong and sweet butch woman!

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