Butch Femme

What Femmes Want!

“What Femmes Want Now!  How to read their minds, make them swoon, and generally be the best butch girlfriend EVER!”

  • What do Femmes want?  Understand her wants and needs on a deeper level so you can live together in “perfect harmony.”
  • Discover the secret to reading her mind (or at least look like you do) and impress her every time!
  • What she says versus what she wants – what’s a good butch to do?  Learn how to decode her messages.

Listen to the entire online workshop (30 minutes) by downloading the MP3 here:

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What Successful Couples Do

 "5 Simple Things Successful Couples Do To Create Extraordinary Relationships that Last for Decades..."

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  1. Kate

    I think there is a lot of useful information here. As a femme, I would love to see a companion piece about what butches want. In my experience, a lot of butches have a hard time knowing and/or communicating what they want emotionally and sexually. The courting phase can be easier in this regard than a long term relationship, as there is a clear goal during courting. How do you get a butch to be emotionally and sexually available when it feels vulnerable and scary to them?

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