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Step 1: How to Manifest Your Dream Woman

If you’re searching for love, I wanted to share with you the first step in finding her (and living happily ever after!).

STEP 1: Clarity

“Clarity comes from knowing what you want and moving into the direction of it.”young lesbian stylish hair style woman

Get clear about what you want, what kind of relationship you want to enjoy, how you want to be treated, and what is really important to you!

This is simple and obvious step is missed by 99% of singles looking for love.   By focusing on what you want you send a powerful intention out to the universe.  You’re energetically asking for what you need and want in your life.  Beyond setting a powerful intention, you are also focusing your own awareness on the type of woman you want to attract.  During this step expect an “ah-ha” moment or two when you suddenly realize where you should be looking for your dream woman or why previous relationships haven’t worked out.

What about Step 2, 3, & 4?!?

I discovered that there are only 4 simple steps between you and your dream woman.  I’ve created a new online workshop in October where I’ll take you by the hand and lead you step-by-step through my proven process.

As a dating expert and coach I’ve helped women all over the country find love and create deeply connected, passionate relationships.  My new online workshop, “Manifest Your Dream Woman: How to Attract the Love of Your Life” is for single women who are ready to find lasting love.  It’s a powerful, exciting workshop guaranteed to get you moving forward in your love life!

Get ready to:

  • Create a crystal clear picture of the kind of relationship you really want…and discover the secret girls... holding handsto getting it!
  • Identify emotional blockages that keep you from getting the love you want and learn how to easily move past them!
  • Experience a massive perspective shift that will allow you to effortlessly attract the love of your life and keep her!
  • How to enjoy the unstoppable self-confidence you need to be yourself and attract a woman who loves you exactly the way you are!
  • Find loving support every step of the way – motivating, encouraging, and sharing experiences with each other to create the ultimate support system along the journey
  • Get re-energized and excited about your love life again, certain that your dream woman is on her way to you!

I’ll take you by the hand and personally lead you through the entire process step-by-step.  Over the course of 30 days I’ll empower you to manifest your dream woman – someone who is just right for you!

Get Started Here:

Along with the program you’ll get great bonus content including a private 30 minute one-on-one “Love Life Transformation” coaching call ($297 Value), “Perfecting Your Online Profile” Program ($47 Value), and special guest coaching call with Bevin Branlandingham sharing her secrets for loving yourself and enjoying unstoppable self-confidence!

So if you’re struggling in your dating life – if you keep dating the wrong women, feel frustrated by the dating process, or even lost hope that you’re special someone is out there – reserve your spot in my “Manifest Your Dream Woman” workshop and get ready to completely transform you love life!

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Wondering if my simple 4 step process really works?

Check out what Karen C. said:

“After attending your [Manifest Your Dream Woman] workshop last Aug, I came home and found her. Yay!! Without a doubt, I attribute finding her to your workshop.  Finally, I really knew what I was looking for in a partner, where to look and tada!, I found her.

Eternally Grateful, Karen C.

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