Or...Date #4: Bath Time!

3 Low Cost Dates to Spark a Night of Romance

I’m gonna lay it on the line for you:

One of the single biggest problems long term couples have is keeping the romance and passion alive in their relationships. As you move out of the honeymoon phase along with all of its “new relationship energy,” you end up in a calmer more relaxed phase. As you move into this next phase or if you’re already in it, you need to focus some of your time and energy on keeping the romance and passion alive. Luckily, I’m going to make this fun, easy, and…best of all…cheap!

Dating your significant other…

The quality of your quality time with your significant other is where most of the break down starts.

Or...Date #4: Bath Time!

Or…Date #4: Bath Time!

We shift from the hot and heavy, “can’t keep your hands off of each other” to the “pass the remote, what show do you want to watch tonight?” reality of life together. You’re spending time together but the time you spend together is structured different and that difference is where the problem is.

The simplest way to get out of this rut is to schedule and prioritize “date” time together. When I say “date” time, I mean time that you spend focusing on each other and your relationship. This special time together has a purpose – to re-establish your romantic connection and put the passion back into your life together.

Here are 3 low cost dates you can plan this week (seriously, pick one out and set aside time THIS WEEK to do it!) to spark a night of romance with your beloved.

The Dates:

Date #1:  The Classic Picnic (with a spin)

Sure, picnics in the park can be romantic, but you can’t get away with too much heavy petting in public 😉 Instead of heading to the park, make picnic food and spread out a blanket on the floor of your bedroom. Light candles, put on some romantic music, and feed each other bites of fruit, chocolate, and little cheese cubes. Take time to trade kisses, coy smiles, and gentle touches. Work your way to the bed for dessert…

Date #2:  Strip Poker, Trivia Pursuit, or Uno (really just about any game will work!)

Let go of your shyness and get ready to giggle your way into your partner’s pants. Pick a game where you play multiple rounds or have to answer multiple questions. The loser takes off one piece of clothing each time they miss an answer or lose a round.

Remember, playfulness is sexy. This game may sound immature or you may feel shy but let go of those feelings for the night and enjoy having good ol’ fashion fun with your significant other. Laughter gets the sexual energy flowing and you may discover something new about her along the way – like she’s a total card shark!

Date #3:  Create a Sensual Treasure Map

Grab two pieces of poster board and a stack of magazines. Together cut words and pictures out of the magazines that make you feel romantic, passionate, or sensual. Tell your partner what you like about each thing you cut out and how it makes you feel. Glue them on your poster board.

Use this activity as a way to get back in touch with your own sensual and romantic feelings. When you finish your treasure map, ask yourself, what 3 things could my partner do to show me that she desires me? What could I do to show her I desire her? Take turns “showing” each other how much you desire each other.

Here’s your challenge (if you choose to accept it!!!):

Pick one of the 3 date ideas and schedule a night THIS week to do it. Set aside 1-2 hours of special time together where you won’t be interrupted – put the kids to bed early, turn off your cell phones, lower the window shades and refuse to answer the door. Your love life, your connection, and the future of your relationship depend on you creating quality time together (not to sound over dramatic buuuuuut…this stuff is actually pretty darn important).

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