Valentines Day Heart Made of Red Roses Isolated on White Background.

“Do NOT buy me flowers!”

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and I’ve been instructed NOT TO BUY FLOWERS!


Wait…me?  I’m not supposed to buy flowers for the woman I love?

Crap.  Now what am I supposed to do?  I’ve bought flowers for my partner on Valentine’s Day for the Valentines Day Heart Made of Red Roses Isolated on White Background.past 15 years and now…I’m just supposed to stop cold turkey?

I’ll get back to that in a minute.  Last week my partner abruptly announced to me that she no longer wanted to receive flowers…or gifts on Valentine’s Day.  I must have looked pretty dumbfounded staring back at her because she started to stammer a bit, “Well…you know…I just, I just don’t want flowers this year…or for you to buy me anything…maybe…well actually, I want you to make me something…”

Ahhhhh, I see now!

Last year for Valentine’s Day I bought my partner flowers AND I made her a card listing 50 things I love about her.  She said it was the nicest thing anyone had every done for her 🙂

So instead of another bouquet of flowers or pair of earrings, she wants something from the heart.

To help you create a special experience for your honey on Valentine’s Day, I’ll give you my best ideas for showing her you love her:

  1.  A list of 25-50 things you love about her
  2.  A homemade card with a love poem inside (you can search online for a suitable one or make up your own)
  3. Cook a special dessert for her and feed her bites of it while you tell her what made you fall in love with her
  4. Bring home takeout from your favorite restaurant, spread out a blanket on the floor and have a picnic (don’t forget romantic music!)
  5. Create a love story treasure hunt in your house.  Hide clues about how you fell in love and started dating around the house.  End the treasure hunt in the bedroom where you’ve set up candles and music for a romantic evening of love making
  6. Pick out pictures of the both of you together and put them in a frame
  7. Sing her a love song (for extra points, give her a performance with dancing or strip tease!)smbath
  8. Draw her a bubble bath and read to her as she soaks in the tub.  When she’s done, dry her off and lay her down for a slow, sensual massage
  9. Write your love story in a small book and present it to her.  It can be funny, romantic, sexy, or serious.
  10. Surprise her with a night at a bed and breakfast.  Order dinner in and spend the evening together, sharing memories and making love.

Regardless of what you do on Valentine’s Day, have an amazing time together creating memories and celebrating the love you share with each other!

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