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Love up on yourself this Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is about love but who says it has to be about showing your love and appreciation for someone else?

Usually when we talk about giving and receiving love, we mean it as an external phenomenon. You give love to someone else. You show affection for someone else. You receive that love and affection back. It’s all outside of you and something you have to depend on another person for.

How often do you spend time giving and receiving love and affection from the most important person in your life – YOU?

Happy girlYOU are the most important person in your life. Your happiness and well being matter for you to feel whole and fulfilled. Showing yourself more love will increase your self-esteem, confidence, vibrancy, and give you a more positive outlook on life. Plus you’ll enjoy healthier, more connected relationships with everyone around you. So why not romance yourself this Valentine’s Day!

Your best Valentine’s Day – EVER!

Regardless if you’re single on Valentine’s Day or happily coupled, giving yourself a big, fat dose of self-love will make your Valentine’s Day truly special. Here are a few ideas for showing yourself how much you love that amazing, unique, one-of-a-kind special someone:

  1. Write yourself a love letter. Sit down and write a special note to yourself. What do you love about yourself? What makes you special? What makes you proud or unique or good at what you do? Really go all out with it!
  2. Spend quality time alone. What would make you feel really loved and connected to yourself? Would it be drawing a warm bubble bath and reading your favorite book? Would it be giving yourself permission to just sit in the park sipping a cappuccino and people watching? It could be anything – drawing, journaling, meditating, or listening to your favorite CD and cuddling with your dog.
  3. Enjoy a guilt-free splurge. Go ahead, you know you want to…buy yourself something special. Grab that new pair of shoes you’ve been eying or a ticket to that show you’ve been dying to see – whatever it is, buy it! Just remember, you can’t feel guilty in the morning!

Valentine’s Day is about showing love, receiving love, and celebrating love.  Enjoy celebrating the holiday showering some love on yourself.  You are, after all, the most important person in your life!

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