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Open to Love – Freeing Yourself from the Past

This week I hosted a free class, “Open to Love – Freeing Yourself from the Past and Embracing More Love in Your Life Now”

I’ve noticed a theme this month as I’m working with clients (and in my own life but more on that later…).  The theme is becoming more open to love.  It shows up in a lot of different ways – not feeling worthy of love, feeling hurt or broken after a break up, or getting stuck in frustration, guilt or resentment in your current relationship.

Emotional blocks, pain, and trauma can cause you to push love away and sabotage your efforts to become more open and loving.  You may find yourself feeling like less than whole, always looking another person to complete you. 

During this call I shared:

  • The secret to experiencing more love in your life – whether you’re currently in a relationship or not!  Learn how to experience more wholeness and fulfillment independent of others.
  • How to uncover emotional blocks that keep you from getting what you want and discover the key to moving past them!  This includes breaking free from relationship traumas, moving forward from breakups, and creating breakthroughs in current relationships.
  • How to experience a massive perspective shift that will allow you to free yourself from the past and magnetically attract more love and connection into your life – from the inside, out!

You can listen to it here (or download it):

“Open to Love” Class

My heart opening…

Moving out of my past relationship and into new love made me realize how cluttered my heart had become over the years.  I could actually feel the weight of guilt, anger, and resentment.  It felt oppressive.

I believe that great relationships are built on being open – giving and receiving love freely but here I found myself shutting down and pushing my new partner away.  Part of it was fear of being hurt again.  I was trying to protect the sensitive parts of me.  The other part of it was me not knowing how to truly be open and loving with another person on a deep, deep soul level.

My relationship with Leah has allowed me the space to realize that instead of looking for someone to complete me or give me love before I give myself love, I should be looking inside of myself for wholeness.  When I feel whole, I no longer feel the need to hold pieces of me back or feel insecure in my love.  I can let go of old resentments, heal from the past, and move into a future full of love – love that isn’t dependent on another person!

Are you ready to become more open to love?  For a limited time you can receive a free 30 minute one-on-one “Open to Love” Coaching Session – just click YES!

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