The Lesbian Intimacy Manual is HERE!

The Lesbian Intimacy ManualReady to experience greater intimacy and connection in your relationship? This easy to use manual gives lesbian couples simple daily activities to deepen their bond and strengthen intimacy. In just 10 minutes a day you will experience renewed passion for each other and feel more energy and vibrancy in your relationship.

The Lesbian Intimacy Manual was created by lesbians for lesbians. You don’t have to suffer through any more hetero-centric relationship books wondering what in the world any of this has to do with you! The Lesbian Intimacy Manual was written with you, your relationship, and your unique challenges in mind.

The Manual focuses on simple activities – from massages to sharing memories to Tantric breathing – to re-establish and grow intimacy. You get bite sized portions each day that will fit into even the most hectic schedule. And it doesn’t matter if your relationship is on the rocks, if you’re a new couple, or if you’re already enjoying the best relationship of your life; the activities work for everyone. Every single couple that participates will experience positive changes to their relationship!

What to expect:

In week one you’ll discover how to deepen intimacy through simple heart opening activities. You will explore conscious touch and learn how to open up your senses to experience a fuller, more meaningful connection with your partner.

Week two takes you further into the program where you will discover how to create a deep heart connection and consciously increase passion and sexual attraction. These activities will challenge you to express yourself in new and exciting ways!

In week three of your journey you will explore how to fan the flames of passion and desire through basic Tantric breathing and connection exercises. You’ll begin exploring your energetic attraction to each other and how you can use this energy to feel closer to each other than ever before. You’ll also get an opportunity to do some activities on your own which strengthen your connection when you come back together. You’ll definitely experience some major shifts in your relationship by the end of this week.

During the last week you’ll focus on creating more intimacy in your relationship by re-awakening and re-focusing your sexual chemistry and attraction. These activities will teach you how to sustain a deep connection well beyond the end of the 28 days. Get ready for a lasting love life transformation!

Along with your purchase of The Lesbian Intimacy Manual you will also receive over $97 in bonus material included a companion video series to help you with the activities. Just visit the link you’ll find in the introduction to claim the bonus content.

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