Tantra Tuesday Video Series

My partner Leah Love is a lesbian Tantra teacher (TantraforLesbians.com).  Leah supports women’s empowerment through helping women deepen their connection to themselves, heal old love wounds and trauma, and become more whole in themselves.  Together we wrote “The Lesbian Intimacy Manual” and facilitate workshops for intimacy and connection for couples.

Leah’s started a new video series, “Tantra Tuesdays” to give singles and couples a short 1-5 minute dose of Tantra each week.  Check out her first two videos below:

Tantra Tuesday – Basic Tantric Breath for Lesbians (Singles or Couples)

Tantra Tuesday – Eye Gazing for Deeper Connection (Solo Practice)

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I’ll occasionally be created videos with her on improving and deepening intimacy (and sex!) between lesbian couples, lesbian relationship advice & help, and heart opening activities for single lesbians as well as couples.

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