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Give Yourself a Love Boost

It feels great to be loved and to feel loved, right?

But we can’t always depend on a relationship or a partner to give us the love we need when we need it. They may be emotionally depleted, unavailable physically or mentally, or unwilling to give you what you need in the moment. Woman Smiles

Or you may not have a partner or relationship to draw love from at all.

So what can you do?

You can give yourself a love boost!

You don’t need to depend on someone else to help you feel loved. In fact, it’s often better to give ourselves love when we need it because we know exactly what feels good to us and what will work in the moment.

Here are a few ways to practice some good ol’ fashion self-love:

Meditate – Sit silently for 10 or 15 minutes with your eyes closed and just breathe.

Wrap yourself up in a big hug – When was the last time you hugged yourself? Wrap your arms around your shoulders and squeeze for at least 30 seconds (or try 1,2, or even 5 minutes!).

10 Things you love about yourself – Grab a piece of paper or your journal and write down 10 things you adore about yourself. Is it your dimples, your quick wit, or dance moves? Write them all down!

Schedule at date night with yourself – Plan your perfect date. Go out to your favorite restaurant, go to a movie, stroll around downtown, watch the sunset, or just curl up on your sofa with a glass of wine and a book. Do whatever feels special to you.

Let go – There nothing more therapeutic than letting your emotions go. Cry, scream, stomp your feet, and let it all out. Give yourself permission to feel you emotions and to let them work themselves out. Afterwards give yourself a hug, take a nap, or make yourself a cup of tea.

Take care of yourself this week. You can’t be your best you if you’re always running on empty!

I’ll also share some words of wisdom from RuPaul:

“If you can’t love yourself, how the hell you gonna love somebody else?!?”

Big Love, Christine

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