Commit to Yourself

YOU – An Unconditional Commitment

“Real love is an unconditional commitment to an imperfect person.”

Commit to YourselfWhether you’re in a relationship right now and you want it to be more meaningful and fulfilling or you’re single and looking for life changing love, the first place to start is with yourself.  Find real love for yourself by making an unconditional commitment to an imperfect person – you!  Practice conscious love by bringing your attention, intention, and presence to your relationship with yourself first then expand out to include others.

By starting with yourself first you’ll discover an inner soul mate that will bring you peace and balance as you move into conscious love with a partner.  People are often far harder on themselves than on others.  Learning to love yourself first will make it easier to accept and embrace all aspects of a partner.  To live in conscious love requires forgiveness, understanding, and humility.  When we have that for ourselves it is far easier to give and receive it from others.

Are you ready to experience more conscious love in your life?

As a lesbian dating and relationship coach I have a lot of women contact me about helping them experience a more fulfilling love life.  They are either single and struggling to find the right partner or they are in a relationship but still feeling disconnected or are questioning whether this is the right relationship for them.  In both cases we start transforming their experience first, then move on to the relationship.

To help you start transforming your experience right now and begin enjoying feeling more love, joy, and connection with yourself and with the relationships in your life I’ve created a special 21 day guided journal.  You can download my “21 Day Guided Journal for Awakening Conscious Love” free for a limited time –


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