Conscious Love Amazon Best Seller Author Christine Dunn

Conscious Love – Best-Selling Book Interview

On May 11 my book, Conscious Love:  Enlightened Relationships and Soulful Sex took Amazon by storm becoming an Amazon #1 Best-Seller and an International Best-Seller within hours.  It’s a collaboration with 10 other love experts, each with their own perspective and expertise.

Below is my interview from release day where I share about divorce, Tantra, the foundation for conscious love, and the awkwardness of lesbian dating later in life.

Conscious Love Amazon Best Seller Author Christine DunnConscious Love Relationships On FIRE! Explore New Paradigms of Love in this Fresh, New Book with 11 Love Experts who Reveal Their Secrets to Conscious Love!

What if the love that didn’t work for you was actually just the training ground for the conscious love you were really meant to have in your life?

What if the heavy weight of a relationship that just isn’t working could be lifted off your shoulders forever?

What if the cure to depression was as simple as passionate love-making?

What if the way to connection was through conflict?

What if food, money and sex were all connected in unexpected ways?

How would your life change if your dried-up old, non-existent sex life was suddenly wild, wet and rejuvenated again?

What if the secret to the type of conscious relationship you’ve been waiting for all these years lay in the pages of this book …

Wouldn’t you want to find out?

The system and paradigms around Intimate Relationships are changing. We are approaching a time in our history where massive changes in consciousness are challenging our visions of what is possible in relationships. Men and Women are unsatisfied with themselves, with each other and with what they create together, and often, desperately unhappy as well.

It is time for new paradigm thinking, and these soul-based experts in conscious relationships are leading the conversation.

Get this paradigm shifting book and Get Ready to Open your heart, Lovingly Transform Conflict,
Create a Sensual Connection with your Partner, Enjoy Sacred Sex and even Become a Power Couple!

Here’s just a sampling of our topics and experts;

“Power Couples: Successful or Entrepreneurial? Learn the Secrets to Having It All – Work, Play, and Love” – Alain Torres

“The Birth of the Sensual Foodist and the Kitchen Portal to Love” – Lana Baumgartner

“Creating Connection through Conscious Conflict” – Deborah Morehead

“50 Shades of Conscious Sexuality: The Cosmic Dance of Sex, Love, and Awakening.” – Christopher Menne

“The Power of Authentic Relating”– Lucia Nicola Evans

“Moving on from Love that didn’t Work Out” – Kristina Shumilova

“In this Dance, Dance of Love”–Deborah Nielsen

“Love, Success, and Philanthropy…You Can Have It All !!!”–Joni Young

“How to Open Your Heart to True Love”- Sky Blossoms

“The Quest for Conscious Love: A Lesbian Perspective” – Christine Dunn

“Alchemy of Love: Find the Key to keeping your Bank Account Flowing, Your Body Glowing & Your Business Growing” – Dr. Elena Estanol

“Conscious Love: Enlightened Relationships and Soulful Sex”

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