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Conscious Love – Best-Selling Book Interview

On May 11 my book, Conscious Love:  Enlightened Relationships and Soulful Sex took Amazon by storm becoming an Amazon #1 Best-Seller and an International Best-Seller within hours.  It’s a collaboration with 10 other love experts, each with their own perspective and expertise. Below is my interview from release day where I share about divorce, Tantra, the foundation for conscious love, …

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Give Yourself a Love Boost

It feels great to be loved and to feel loved, right? But we can’t always depend on a relationship or a partner to give us the love we need when we need it. They may be emotionally depleted, unavailable physically or mentally, or unwilling to give you what you need in the moment. Or you may not have a partner …


The Love Deck [Free Gift]

Looking for new ways to connect with your partner?  Grab your free copy of “The Love Deck – 50 Simple Ways to Connect Each Day.”  Each card has a suggestion for a fun activity to connect with each other.  Download your free set below (fronts and backs). The Love Deck – Front The Love Deck – Back (right click, “save …


Tantra Tuesday Video Series

My partner Leah Love is a lesbian Tantra teacher (  Leah supports women’s empowerment through helping women deepen their connection to themselves, heal old love wounds and trauma, and become more whole in themselves.  Together we wrote “The Lesbian Intimacy Manual” and facilitate workshops for intimacy and connection for couples. Leah’s started a new video series, “Tantra Tuesdays” to give …


The Lesbian Intimacy Manual is HERE!

Ready to experience greater intimacy and connection in your relationship? This easy to use manual gives lesbian couples simple daily activities to deepen their bond and strengthen intimacy. In just 10 minutes a day you will experience renewed passion for each other and feel more energy and vibrancy in your relationship. The Lesbian Intimacy Manual was created by lesbians for …


Are you stopping yourself from being happy?

If you’re a single lesbian, are you getting in the way of your own happiness and stopping yourself from meeting your perfect partner? In this video I show you how you are subconsciously sabotaging your own success and what you can turn it all around! Grab the “Attract Your Perfect Partner” Program here:

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Talk So She Listens, Listen So She Talks #3 – 3 Phrases to AVOID at All Cost!

The 3 most destructive phrases you should AVOID at all costs to create a more harmonious relationship.  Stop using these phrases right now if you want to create more connection in your relationship and avoid toxic communication patterns. Watch Video #1 Here. Watch Video #2 Here. Get coached by expert lesbian dating and relationship coach on communication secrets every happy …


Moving from Online Dating to a REAL Offline Relationship

How do you move from online dating and flirtation to a REAL, LIVE offline relationship? Get the scoop on how long to wait before making the move in today’s video on lesbian online dating advice. When you’re done, check out these essential tips for finding love online using dating sites by watching this video too! For a limited time I …