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What Successful Couples Do

 "5 Simple Things Successful Couples Do To Create Extraordinary Relationships that Last for Decades..."

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  1. Confused and hurt

    what are the boundaries in same sex relationships when it comes to getting to know “new” friends that you meet after starting a relationship. For instance, when your single and meet someone new- your free to text and talk to as much as you want but when your in a committed relationship, how much time spent texting the new friend is too much?

    The friend that’s texting is a feeme friend in a couple friendship. She is texting the stud friend daily thurout the day. Nothing in particular but it did happen when the wife of the stud she was texting was at work. She always tells the stud friend how everything she’s doing thurout the day reminds her of her- even when he washes her hands- bc the studs hands are super soft. She also texts the girlfriend of the studs she texting but the texts don’t seem as exciting as the ones she texts the stud.

    So- am I wrong for feeling some type of way about them texting all day? At this point we are all still friends but I’m not sure if I want to stay friends with this couple. The 2 studs have grown closer and I feel better with THEM forming that relationship. But am I wrong for being upset with the femme friend?

  2. Krychelle

    🙂 I met someone special and I have messed up so much in my past with being a doormat and not knowing how to be in a relationship I am hoping to learn the keys to healthy relationship so I have a better future outcome.

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