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“I failed at online dating until I learned to do this…”

lesbian couple on beach

Leah and I playing at the beach in Galveston

I want to share with you about my failure at online dating and how I turned it around and met my partner Leah.

I didn’t start with online dating at first.  I tried the usual venues for meeting singles – bars, social groups, through friends but no luck.  It was really frustrating!  Luckily a friend of mine suggested OkCupid to me and showed me how to use the iPhone App.  I quickly created my first online dating profile and went live.  It was exciting and a little scary.  Now I was out there for matches to see!

The waiting game

Of course I checked my mailbox every half hour waiting for all the likes and messages to come in.  Surely Ms. Right would connect me that very day, right? 


I waited and waited.  I ran a few searches and surreptitiously checked out profiles.  And I waited.  Still nothing.  I scratched my head, maybe online dating is just as bad as going to the bar?  Or was there more to it?  I started messaging potential matches only to get a handful of responses.  What was I doing wrong?  Obviously online dating works (it’s quickly becoming the top way to find love), how could I make it work for me?

Online dating success!

I started experimenting and over time I found a great mix of profile changes and actively messaging matches that lead me to find my Ms. Right!

When I made these simple changes I received more messages, more likes, and more responses almost overnight.  And the best part, I was suddenly interacting with women who were right for me (the kind of women I always imagined myself falling in love with!).

It was a steep learning curve, not because it’s hard but because no one teaches you how to create a great profile and craft engaging messages.  I discovered that most online daters are making huge mistakes on their profiles.  Mistakes that turn off potential partners, discourage messages, and give off the wrong impression.  These mistakes mean spending more time looking for Ms. Right instead of getting to know her.  They can even mean missing out on finding her altogether! 

The crazy thing is…

Luckily I didn’t miss out on finding Leah.  She admitted what I said and what I wrote in my profile really resonated with her.  She just had to give me a chance 🙂

If I hadn’t used my new found knowledge we likely would not have connected and started dating.  That’s the crazy thing.  I’m perfect for her but she would not have known it.

Who are you missing out on?!?

I’m not trying to freak you out here.  I’m just being real.  If you’re not putting your best foot forward or if you don’t know how to message women to get a response, you’re missing out on potential matches. 

And I don’t want you to miss out on finding your Ms. Right!

Now I didn’t set out to learn how to teach others to find love online, I just wanted to find my love online.  But since I cracked the code so to speak, I’m sharing what I learned in my new workshop series, “Find Love Online: Your Guide to Online Dating Success.”

Here’s everything you need to know…

I’m going to give you access to everything I know about online dating and how to make the most of it.

You’ll learn:

  • Which dating site is right for you – they’re not all created equal, you need to be on the right site or else nothing else matters
  • How to take advantage of the best site features – from narrowing your search to making yourself stand out, I’ll show you how to put site features to good use
  • 3 simple surefire ways to grab the attention of potential matches when you show up in their search results
  • How to avoid liars, cheats, and online dating drama
  • Sizzling hot profile writing – what to say, how to say it, and what to avoid altogether (this is where most people make mistakes!)
  • Messaging secrets – What you must say to get a response back and keep her interested
  • Relationship building – how to talk to her online to create an offline love match (this is crucial since you do not want to end up in the dreaded “friend-zone”)
  • How to get to real world dating – when and how to ask for the date (along with easy ways to ask her out and where you should meet up first)
  • Simple ways to feel confident so you make a great first impression (and get a second date!)


“Find Love Online” Includes:

  • Woman Blowing Hearts from her Hands. St. Valentines Day Concept3 Jam-Packed Live Teleseminar Calls with Q&A
  • Audio Recordings of Each Call
  • Instant Confidence Meditation (MP3)
  • Open to Love Meditation (MP3)
  • “Find Love Online” Manual
  • Easy 2 Achieve Checklists for Each Step
  • Profile Writing Samples & Prompts

Plus the following bonuses (so you really have everything you need!)

Special Bonuses

When you purchase the “Find Love Online” workshop series you’ll receive over $200 in free bonuses to help you get the most out of the program.

  • 15 minute 1-on-1 Profile Critique (Value $129)

I’ll get on the phone with you and personally help you create the best profile to show off your amazing self!

  • Bonus Group Coaching Call (Value $37)

An extra group call at the end of the program for any last questions or support.

  • Align Yourself with Love:  How to Make Sure Your Attracting All the Right Women (Value $49)

As a bonus I will share with you how to align yourself with love by getting into an attraction mindset.  I’ll also include simple exercises you can do when you’re feeling frustrated or overwhelmed to get back to feeling confident and motivated.  This is all about your inner game – feeling confident, connected, and open to attracting the woman of your dreams!

Whew, that’s a lot of stuff, right?

So here’s the deal…  The workshop series is taught live over the phone.  I’ll send out a survey once registration is closed so we can decide on a call time together.  Each week we’ll tackle part of the topic and open the lines up for live Q&A.  You’ll receive supportive feedback and specific answers to your personal questions.  The calls are recording so you can refer back to the information again and again.  You’ll also receive a manual packed with notes from each call and Easy 2 Achieve checklists for every step along the with way!

Since the workshop is live (don’t worry if you can’t make every call, you’ll still benefit from the recordings and be able to send your questions in via email ahead of time), registration will only be open until Sunday night.  Registration will close at 9pm EST on Saturday, November 14. 

Get the complete “Find Love Online” Workshop Series plus bonuses ($412 Value) for just $97

To reserve your spot and insure you don’t miss out, choose one of following options:

1 Payment of $97



3 Payments of $39




30 Day “Total Happiness” Guarantee

guaranteeI know sometimes you wonder, “What if this doesn’t work for me?  I don’t want to waste money 🙁

I get it 🙂 that’s why I’m giving you my 30 Day “Total Happiness” Guarantee.  I know you won’t be wasting your money on this program because you’re going to get everything you need to find love online.  So to make this completely risk-free for you – do the program and if you decide in the first 30 days it’s not right for you, just send me a quick email requesting a refund.  It’s that easy!


FAQs about online dating:

  1.  “Where is the best place to find women to date?”

Somewhere between 1-7% of people are gay (there are various studies and stats which rely on the truthfulness of participants).  Of course this includes men and women, only about .5-3.5% of the population is lesbian.  This makes randomly finding the perfect match incredibly hard! 

Online dating sites give you the opportunity to connect exclusively with single lesbians.  It’s the quickest, easiest way to find someone to date.

  1.  Aren’t all online dating sites full of liars and cheats?

It seems like everyone has a story about meeting someone online that was not being truthful.  But isn’t that the same in the real world too?  Rather than avoid online dating altogether, learn how to protect yourself online, identify liars early on, and make safe choices.

  1.  Everyone online is just looking for a one night stand, how do I find someone who is serious about finding a relationship?

Whenever you lump everyone into one category you end up losing out.  Sure, some women on dating sites are just looking for a quickie but there are also plenty of other women who are looking for something long term.   The key is to find the right site for you.

In “Find Love Online” I’ll help you tackle all of these challenges and a whole lot more!



Christine & Her Partner Leah

Christine & Her Partner Leah

Christine Dunn is dating and relationship expert specializing in helping lesbians find love and create a deeply connected, passionate relationship that lasts!

She is the co-author of “The Lesbian Intimacy Manual” and has been a contributor at Huffington Post Online, Lesbian Voices, and featured on,, and