Tantra for Lesbians

FullSizeRenderLeah Love (my favorite Tantra teacher and cuddle buddy) has teamed up with me to bring Tantra to the lesbian community!

We regularly hold Tantra events in the Austin, Texas area.  We also work with singles and couples both together and separately.

A little about Tantra and why it’s so important to Leah (and I) to share it with the word.  Love what Leah says here:

“Why Tantra?

Because I choose LOVE first and foremost in my life.

Because I choose to be conscious and present in lovemaking and in everyday life (though I admit it isn’t always easy).

Because I believe God made our bodies to experience deep pleasure.

Because I want to bring spirituality and sexuality together.

Because I want to know how to use my body, discover what I’m capable of, and empower others to do the same.

Because I want to be a giver and shower my partner with love, presence, and healing.

Because I want to be a receiver, and be able to allow what comes to me to come.

Because I want a sacred space where I can laugh, cry, scream, orgasm, be brave, be afraid, be held, and be vulnerable.

Because everything is okay.  We are all okay.  What we feel is okay.

Because life wasn’t meant to be slept through.  We are here to FEEL and CONNECT and LOVE and MERGE.  We are ONE.

Come join me here in this sacred place of light and healing and PURE LOVE”

-Leah Love