If you’re not having as much sex as you want because you have a low sex drive or you don’t feel aroused as often as you would like, there is a simple solution.  Today we know that a whole helluva lot of factors can affect your sex drive including:  hormone imbalances, menopause, stress, overwhelm, and relationship problems.  All these issues (and many more) can negatively affect your sex drive.

So, what is a girl to do?  You can actually re-program and re-condition your body to want sex more often.  By actively making these changes you can negate some of the above causes of a low sex drive.  Great sex also psychologically wipes the slate clean in your relationship.  After a good orgasm, who cares if she forgot to take out the trash?!?  Regular sex and orgasms also helps to lower stress levels, balance hormones, and generally make people happier.

Ready to kick your low sex drive into high gear?  Use this simple approach to condition your body to respond better by:

1)     Find something that works for youBeautiful Happy Femme Lesbian

Use something that already triggers a sexual response for you (or experiment to find something) or has worked well for you in the past.  Do you have a favorite vibrator, adult movie, or steamy romance novel?

2)   Commit to the process

Masturbate at least once a week using the item(s) that work best for you.  Recent research shows that masturbation is a healthy part of lesbian sexuality.  If you feel uncomfortable masturbating check out these articles (Health Benefits of Female Masturbation , 4 Myths about Masturbation in Women)

Viola!  The process is that simple!  Over time your body will become more sensitive and easily aroused.  You’ll find yourself wanting sex more often because you’ve been exercising your “sex button” and discovering how to control it.  You’ll understand your body better and how arousal works for you – all of which are important to a healthy sex life and a more fulfilling relationship with your lesbian partner!

Check out the article, “More orgasms? Yes, please!” for more information.

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Christine is The Lesbian Love Guru, Transformational Love Guide, and conscious love expert specializing in working with the lesbian and queer community. After struggling for years to make her first relationship work, she decided to learn everything she possibly could about relationships, communication, intimacy, human psychology, and most importantly - loving yourself. Christine never thought her journey to create lasting love in her own life would lead her to a dramatic career change but it did. Her quest took her around the world and finally to Tony Robbin’s Namale Resort in Fiji for a Life Mastery Retreat. While attending Tony’s seminar she realized there were a lot of women just like her struggling to attract their soul mate and create a deeply connected, passionate relationship that lasts. She decided right then and there she would take all her knowledge and put it to good use helping others. Since 2011 she’s helped thousands of women find love and create extraordinary relationships through her videos, books, blog (LesbianLoveGuru.com), online and live workshops, and one-on-one private coaching. She’s been invited to speak on the Conscious LGBTQI Love Telesummit and Happy, Healthy Lesbian Telesummit, write for the LGBT Relationship Network and has been featured in Go Magazine, on QueerFatFemme.com, and on CardCarryingLesbian.com. Her articles have appeared on Huffington Post Online, YourTango, and HER. In 2015 she wrote “The Lesbian Intimacy Manual: 28 Days to Deeper Intimacy & Connection” with her partner Leah Love to share the principles of Conscious Love, Sacred Sexuality, and Tantra with the lesbian community. She also co-authored "Conscious Love: Enlightened Relationships & Soulful Sex." As a Transformational Love Guide, Christine provides her clients a safe, supportive, and judgment-free space to discuss their love and relationship challenges. She leads singles through a powerful process to align them with love and attract their soul mates with ease. She helps them uncover and resolve hidden challenges that have held them back from experiencing the love they truly deserve with remarkable results. For couples experiencing a relationship challenge she supports them in quickly move from despair, frustration, anger, and overwhelm into feeling empowered with the tools they need to create the best relationship of their lives! Christine currently lives in Austin, Texas with her partner Leah Love and two beautiful daughters. They jokingly call their household a zoo because they’re animal lovers with two dogs, two mini pigs, a lizard, a cat, and probably some chickens, bunnies, or ferrets (who knows what they’ll adopt next!). When they’re not laying in the hammock together basking in the sunshine, they’re working on bringing more love into the world. Leah is a Tantra Goddess, Sacred Sexuality and Intimacy expert who helps women reclaim their sexual prowess. Together they teach intimacy and communication for couples, Tantra, erotic empowerment, sacred sexuality, and healing through touch. To discover what “Conscious Love” means to you and how you can cultivate it in your life download her “21 Day Guided Journal for Awakening Conscious Love” free for a limited time – http://www.lesbianloveguru.com/cljournal


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