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Do You Need a Relationship Rescue?

Hi, I'm Christine Dunn-Cunningham and I'm a dating and relationship coach.  I help lesbians create deeply connected, passionate relationships that last!

I've teamed up with Bevin at to help as many women as possible create healthy, happy relationships. I'm super excited to be working with Bevin as her personal coach as she works to create a strong relationship.  I hope you've enjoyed reading about her journey and her experiences with coaching.

Together Bevin and I would like to give you the opportunity to experience coaching firsthand and get help with your nagging relationship problems - like creating more connection, dealing with conflict, enjoying better communication and more passion.  Whatever it is you need to have the relationship of your dreams, I can help you.  

For a limited time I'm giving away free coaching sessions to women who follow Bevin's journey on her blog.  In your free 30 minute coaching session with me (via phone or Skype) you will discover:

  1. Create a crystal clear vision for the kind of happy, fulfilling relationship you want to have with your significant other 
  2. Identify patterns and uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your relationship success
  3. You’ll leave this session renewed, re-energized and inspired to turn your current relationship into the relationship of your dreams (or know if it’s time to get out)

I've opened up my schedule to accommodate a limited number of free sessions (regular price $197).  I'll take as many sign ups as I can and start a waiting list.  Click the link below now to claim your free session before my schedule fills up.

Get ready to start creating a happier, more fulfilling life together!

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