Discover what you need to do to attract and cultivate a deeply meaningful, conscious love relationship...

Schedule your first private "Love Life Transformation" session today and get 87% off (call it my "heart opening guru" discount).  In our special 50 minute session together you will:

  • Create a crystal clear picture of exactly the kind of transformation you want to experience in your love life
  • Identify patterns that have held you back from experiencing a meaningful relationship in the past and uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging future success
  • Discover what you can do today to start moving forward and finally attract a conscious love relationship or transform the one you're currently in
  • You’ll leave this session feeling renewed and re-energized to create real, lasting change in your love life!

About Christine Dunn, Lesbian Love Guru and Transformational Love Guide

Christine has helped thousands of women attract and cultivate deep, meaningful relationships through her videos, books, blog (, online and live workshops, and private coaching.  She is a bestselling author and has written two books on relationships.

Christine currently lives in Austin, Texas with her partner Leah Love, two beautiful daughters, and what they jokingly call their zoo full of pets.  Leah is an intimacy and sacred sexuality guide.  Together they host workshops, write books, and soak up the Texas sun in their backyard hammock!

Check out what other woman say about working with Christine...

Christine helped transformed my life!

I believe in Christine's work on a deep spiritual level.  She truly gets to know you, your values, and what is important to you.  Her guidance was always based on what was in my best interest and what was right for me.   I felt honored and understood as I walked my own path finding a way to create a deep connection with another woman that honors my life purpose. 

Working with her transformed my life.  I’ve completed two coaching programs with her – once when I was first coming out and navigating new relationships and again when I wanted to find my life partner.  In both instances she helped guide me through each transition for my highest good.  I am now coupled witha wonderful woman and I can’t recommend working with her enough!

Jean G. Brainerd, Minnesota

You must invest in yourself!

Christine helped to bring me from a very dark place in my life and into the light full of possibilities!  She has helped me process some old, deep hurts and heal them for good!  With her help I no longer procrastinate anything and I am now living in the present!  With her coaching I had the confidence to "get out there" and I now have a girlfriend that I NEVER would have attracted without Christine's help, guidance and encouragement!!

[If I could say one thing to you about working with Christine it would be] you must invest in yourself!  To learn and feel how it is to be your BEST self and all that you deserve in life and love. Once you do that anything is possible!! 

Jamie B. Hamilton, Montana