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testimonial for dating coach Christine Dunn
"I live in a rural area. When I first came out and for quite a long time, she was the only professional I could talk to as there was no LBGT services in the area. It was a relief to know that I had someone who I could trust to speak with and get guidance from. It was also a relief to learn that I could find a partner in my rural area (I was afraid there wouldn’t be anyone near me) and I did! Through Christine’s coaching, she was able to help me in the coming out process and focus on what was keeping me from finding my one and only. I am now happily coupled with a wonderful woman and we’re talking about moving in together. I believe in her work on a deep spiritual level. She truly gets to know you, your values, and what is important to you. Her guidance was always based on what was in my best interest and what was right for me. I felt honored and understood as I walked my own path finding a way to create a deep connection with another woman that honors my life purpose. Working with Christine transformed my life. I’ve completed two coaching programs with her – once when I was first coming out and navigating new relationships and again when I wanted to find my life partner. In both instances she helped guide me through each transition for my highest good. I can’t recommend working with her enough!"
Jean G.
Brainerd, Minnesota
After attending your 'find the woman of your dreams' workshop at Michigan last Aug, I came home and found her. Yay!! Without a doubt, I attribute finding her to your workshop. Finally, I really knew what I was looking for in a partner, where to look and tada!, I found her. Thanks!!!!
Karen C.
"The BEST thing about coaching with Christine was how she helped me set some excellent goals that at the time I thought we're impossible! She believed in me when I didn't believe in myself and she gave me the tools I needed to succeed in all areas of my life! I never ever would imagined this even possible four months ago! Christine helped to bring me from a very dark place in my life and into the light full of possibilities! She has helped me process some old, deep hurts and heal them for good! With her help I no longer procrastinate anything and I am now living in the present! With her coaching I had the confidence to "get out there" and I now have a girlfriend that I NEVER would have attracted without Christine's help, guidance and encouragement!! [If I could say one thing to you about working with Christine it would be] you must invest in yourself! To learn and feel how it is to be your BEST self and all that you deserve in life and love. Once you do that anything is possible!! I can't thank Christine enough for all the coaching to get me to see and deal with things that were in my way to getting exactly where I wanted to be personally and beyond all belief when we started I found the love of my life ❤️
Jamie B.
Hamilton, MT
"[With Christine I left like] a relationship of trust was developed right away. You know Christine’s not telling you what she thinks you want to hear. She gets to your core issues and starts right in on working on those issues. Christine has helped me figure out why I'm selecting the wrong women - those who are emotionally unavailable and how to turn that around. Christine's online dating program along with her coaching has given me tremendous confidence in joining a dating web site, setting up a good profile which will attract the right women for me, and tips on getting the communication via winks, likes, email going forward. By following her online dating program and coaching strategies, I have, in less than a month, not only been communicating with a woman but we have actually met and conversed for 4 hours. We have made plans to meet again. I believe this connection has a lot of promise to turn into a dating relationship. I owe a great deal to Christine for helping me identify why I was choosing emotionally unavailable women and changing the energy I put out to the universe thus attracting emotionally available women who are ready to commit to a long term relationship. Her online dating program is valuable program to go through and put the work into it. I've always been a bit uncertain about creating a strong profile and then how to weed out those women who are not right for me and how to communicate with those women who are a good match for me. [If you’re thinking of working with her I would say] give Christine a try. She is able to help you find out what is holding you back in your desire to reach whatever goal you're after. She has the skills and knowledge to work with you towards achieving that goal. Be ready to work because if you're not willing to do the work to improve yourself then you will not achieve the results you were looking for."
Mary K.
testimonial for lesbian dating coach Christine Dunn
“Christine has a lovely warm and caring manner. She helped me realize a few things about myself that may be holding me back from being successful. She helped me see that it’s important that I become a whole person and that it’s important to be with another whole person.”
I began working with Christine in early Spring of 2015. After a 10 year hiatus from the dating and possibly embarking on a relationship, I had decided January 1, 2015, that I was going to give 2015 a shot at finding someone. The impetus was my sister’s wedding in September 2014. Her husband -and my brother-in-law, is a kick-ass guy. I was so happy for my sister, and him as well, for finding each other. Being in my late 40’s, their wedding started me thinking about my life’s journey over the years. Yes, I was happy and single, but, I did want to share my life with someone. I knew I was holding myself back in ways. After a strange start to the 2015 dating world re-entry, I stumbled upon Christine by accident (supposedly), while on a site called YouHaulHer-dot-com. I ended up on her website and read. Intrigued, and also knowing I wanted to -needed to, finally fully tackle and move past some fears and self-doubts I had, still had, I emailed her. Fast-forward to May 2016. Over the past 12 months, Christine has encouraged me, coached me, and helped me move past the fears and self-doubts I still had. Working with her, I have come to understand how much pain and hurt I was still holding deep inside of me, and how it was holding me back from love and loving in ways I didn’t even realize. She listens, she cares, she’s blunt -with compassion, she’s encouraging, she’s kind. She rocks. I found love as well in 2015, and that is in a nutshell, priceless.
Sara S.
New Jersey
I really enjoyed our coaching session and what I got out of it - the way you worked with me, the time you spent with me and the quality of your focusing on me and listening to me… I want to work with you.  You are the perfect match for me.  I can see breakthroughs already happening. I felt acknowledged and empowered and I know I can make the changes I need to!
Tadmora S.


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ChristineHeadshot-3About Christine…

Christine Dunn is the Lesbian Love Guru.  She specializes in helping women who love women create and cultivate the best relationship of their lives!

She’s an Amazon #1 & International Best-Selling Author, Tranformational Love Guide, and the best pancake flipper in her household.  She lives in Austin, TX with her beautiful partner Leah Love and two daughters.