The Lesbian Intimacy Manual

The Lesbian Intimacy Manual

limHeaderPacked with 28 days worth of activities, this manual makes it easy for couples.  It includes 28 intimacy focused exercises that can be used alone or as foreplay.  As you do the exercises together you will be building intimacy and trust, exploring new experiences, laughing more, and opening yourself up to deeper connection.  Enjoy a love life transformation in just 10 minutes a day!
Get ready to:

  • Experience a deeper connection
  • Feel closer to your partner
  • Enjoy more loving, connective experiences
  • Break out of relationship ruts
  • Awaken new feelings of love and desire for your partner
  • Strengthen your relationship
  • Open up new lines of communication
  • Open your heart up to giving and receiving more love
  • Expand your ability to enjoy pleasure
  • Expand your ability to feel pleasure even in non-sexual experiences
  • Discover new techniques to connect with your partner both in and outside of the bedroom
  • Deepen trust, heal old wounds, and be more open and present with your partner
  • Rekindle the flame and get the spark back
  • Re-connect with your partner if you’ve grown apart
  • Create more meaningful experiences with your partner
  • Bring your relationship back into balance
  • Explore conscious touch, massage, sensual food play, heart connection, Tantra, and more in just 10 minutes a day

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