Christine Dunn Lesbian Love Guru, Lesbian Love, Dating, and Relationship Coach

Hi…I’m Christine Dunn and I’m here to help you attract conscious love and cultivate the best relationship of your life!


Before we get started I want you to think about this question for a moment:

What would it look like to enjoy a deeply fulfilling and meaningful relationship?

Really think about it.  Close your eyes for a moment and imagine you can wave a magic wand to change your love life into whatever you truly desire.

How would you like your love life to be different?

What did you think of?  Was it…smiling lesbian couple

  • Feeling unconditional love
  • Loving someone else unconditionally
  • Waking up feeling joyful every day
  • Making soul-shaking love
  • Having a spiritual connection
  • Feeling more free in your expression of love
  • Letting go of expectations
  • Feeling whole in yourself
  • Deep, loving intimacy
  • Expanding into higher levels of love

Or maybe you’re not ready for your soulmate yet.  Maybe conscious love starts with you.  You want to feel more confident, trusting, and open to love.  You want to toss out old emotional baggage from your ex and get a fresh start – feeling great about yourself and the kind of love you want to attract into your life!

Whatever it means to you to journey towards conscious love, you’re going to find everything you need to get started right here.

But before we get started I’d like to introduce myself.  I’m Christine Dunn, Lesbian Love Guru and Transformational Love Guide.  I work closely with my clients to help them attract and cultivate deep, meaningful relationships that surpass their wildest dreams.

I work with lesbians who want something more – a fulfilling love life with their perfect partner where they feel empowered to overcome challenges, feel open, trusting, and available to experience love and connection on the deepest levels.

I help women:

  • Lesbian Relationship CoachOvercome fears surrounding love – feeling loved, being open to love, experiencing deep connection, being truly seen by their partner
  • Feel secure in themselves (confidence and security come in many shapes and forms) and in their relationships
  • Uncover hidden challenges that keep them from experiencing the kind of love they desire (and deserve!)
  • Break the cycle of self-sabotage
  • Discover how to attract the right woman for them and cultivate an open, honest, loving relationship
  • Experience conscious love and deep connection
  • Unlock and unblock barriers within themselves that keep love out
  • Build an unshakeable foundation for their relationship
  • Cut through the B.S., get unstuck, and finally get what they really want out of love!

My specialty is total transformation and I want to help you get started on that path today!  (to get started right now  Click Here to find out how)