The Lesbian Intimacy Manual is HERE!

Ready to experience greater intimacy and connection in your relationship? This easy to use manual gives lesbian couples simple daily activities to deepen their bond and strengthen intimacy. In just 10 minutes a day you will experience renewed passion for … Continue reading

Talk So She Listens, Listen So She Talks #3 – 3 Phrases to AVOID at All Cost!

Expert Lesbian Relationship Coach

The 3 most destructive phrases you should AVOID at all costs to create a more harmonious relationship.  Stop using these phrases right now if you want to create more connection in your relationship and avoid toxic communication patterns. Watch Video … Continue reading

Talk So She Listens, Listen So She Talks #2 – Validation

talk so she listens 2

In video #2 of my “Talk So She Listens, Listen So She Talks” series I share how lesbian partners can validate each other’s opinions, perceptions, emotions, and experiences in a way that promotes a closer relationship.  Solve many of your … Continue reading

How to Talk So She Listens & Listen So She Talks #1

Communication Video

In this video I share how to create more intimacy and closeness in your relationship even when you have disagreements! This simple method will make her feel loved, acknowledged, and understood. It fosters more intimacy and connection. AND it diffuses … Continue reading